Our service center is equipped to better serve our customers and to provide in-house warranty fulfillment on previous sales. To ensure optimum customer service, we employ Service Advisors to work one-on-one with our clients, whose job will be to advise customers on the available parts and service options when their products need repairs. With a deep extensive product knowledge, our service advisors serve all of our customers with a friendly smile and honest guidance towards the most optimum resolution, potentially saving costs. We offer in-house training and support as well.

With more than a decade of experience in the business it’s easy for us to understand the typical requirement of our clients thus helps us to provide the ultimate ‘One Stop Shop’ services in India. With a committed work force and high level of service consciousness, we at Sanchar services offer customized business process outsourcing solutions for our clients depending on their business needs. Our solutions are tested, proven and reviewed constantly in accordance with the changing market scenario. We would be glad to work with you. We assure you that we can meet all your criteria and would satisfy all your needs.

Sanchar not only provides superior products and services - but also superior training to help you make the most of your investment. Our classes, taught by our expert staff, industry leaders, and internationally known academics are tailored to your needs. We offer training courses for a variety of applications used in radio operation, physical handling, radio programming through software as well as system maintenance and troubleshooting.


Our warehouse is carrying over 10.000 spare parts such as integrated circuits, capacitors, displays, noise filters, PCBs, Transformers and other electronic components wires, cabinets on stock to serve all customer needs.

Workshop area

A 100 square meter workshop area is used for repairs, quality control and testing.

Test Equipment

Multi meters, Oscilloscopes, Pattern Generator, AM/FM Signal Generator, Telephone Test Instrument, Digital LCR meter, IC Tester, Variacs, Bench/Portable Drill M/C, Power supply (30V, 2A), Soldering/De Soldering Station, High voltage TV probe,TV/VCR Remote Tester, Transistor Tester.

Repair Plans
  1. Extended Warranties (AMC) - Avoid unplanned repair costs and simplify your equipment maintenance budgeting. Extended Warranties are an alternative to the usual “pay as you go” repairs that start once the initial new equipment factory warranty has expired. We offer extended warranty plans to increase the coverage for your equipment by an extra two or three years. Based on the specific needs of your operations we can work with you to assess the option of longer time frames upon request.
  2. Service Contracts (ARC) - Service agreements are similar to Extended Warranties in the sense that they are basically extended warranty plans with added services. Additional training support, on-site visits and other value-added services. All of which further simplifies and improves your ongoing equipment maintenance and performance capabilities. Other features include priority service, a predefined number of on-site support visits per year, free labour and free return shipping.

Every year, millions of consumer electrical and electronic goods around the world get recalled, dealing serious reputational and financial damages to brands and retailers. The most common causes of recalls are safety-related, including overheating, electric shock and explosion. In most cases, these faulty products can be traced to low-cost manufacturing destinations.

At Sanchar, we believe in product testing at every stage of the manufacturing and servicing process. Our physical, mechanical and laboratory testshelp our electrical and electronic products meet the requirements of your quality expectations and international safety standards. We rely on our electrics and electronics product testing expertise to secure our brand image and consumer loyalty.Our electrical / electronics technicians have broad professional backgrounds that include not only experience in testing and quality assurance, but in diverse fields such as plastics, chemical analysis, and manufacturing and engineering. All products at Sanchar undergo rigorous testing in accordance to the following bounds.

Radio Tests:
  • Electrical: Check booting activity and DC cord
  • Physical: Check display, knobs, structural integrity and connections
  • Transmission: Outgoing call is viewed on a Radio Analyser test set
  • Reception: Incoming signal is analysed on a Radio Analyser test set
  • Bench: RF power output in Watts is checked
  • Programming: Check if radio can be tuned for frequency, sensitivity through software
  • Field: Radio checked over distance for transmission and reception
Repeaters Tests:
  • Physical: Check display, knobs and fan fitting
  • Electrical: Check power output voltage and current levels on SMPS as per requirement
  • Reception: Incoming signal is analysed on a Radio Analyser test set
  • Radio Interface Kit: Check if the repeater driver is diverting the call
  • Local Mode: Check if user can communicate through repeater itself
  • 5.75 Check if directional/ bidirectional modes work
vBattery Tests
  • Physical: Fitting into radio model and drop test
  • Electrical: Polarity test
  • Charging: Check current, voltage and charging time on rack
  • Discharging: Check current, voltage and discharging time on rack through C/1 to C/5 to determine capacity
vPower Supply Tests
  • Physical: Check booting activity, wired connections and LEDs
  • Electrical: Check power output voltage and current parameters on load
vAntenna Tests
  • Physical: Check length, connectors and caps
  • Field: Communication test for transmission and reception as per requirement
  • Antenna Band: Program radio with the same band and call to check working
vCharger Tests
  • Physical: Vibration, soaking test, pin connections
  • Performance: Check if battery is charging immediately on connection
vAdaptor Tests
  • Physical: Vibration, soaking test
  • Load: Check power output voltage and current parameters on load