Sanchar aims to worthily serve the interests of the Customer, provide the Customer with the equipment and services of the highest quality at possible affordable prices allowing for the profit necessary for enterprise growth, and provide employees with opportunities to achieve personal goals.We offer Persistent benefits for our Clients owing to professional expertise and stability of our business. We intend to have long-term relations with our Clients owing to development of communications and automation systems making us see the possibilities for growth of our customers, as well as deep understanding of the existing and future demands, providing for consistency of offered solutions.

  • To be the first company to manufacture digital radios and bring the Tetra communications standard in India
  • To emerge as India’s leading company for all communication systems needs
  • To design end to end solutions and further diversifying the ‘one stop shop concept
  • To achieve project completion within specified timeframe with highest quality at competitive prices
  • To cater to requirements for all our clients- government and commercial
  • To continuously enhance our product range while maintaining product quality
  • To create an enriching customer satisfaction level

Our strategy is directed towards fulfilling the vision of commitment to being the leader in the communications industry. The business model is balanced on the following core values:

Marketing: Bid lower prices to offer best possible products at best prices. Market exploration into B2B marketing so as to promote shift from terminal device manufacturer to system provider.

Growth: Expand the radio sector by Capturing demand for the replacement of professional radio systems from analog to digital, and new demand for the systems. Scale up the business solutions business- Expansion of infrastructure system solutions. Embark on new business domains- including train warning system and VoLTE radio technology

Building a sound financial base: Elimination of losses carried forward through capital reduction without compensation and debt refinancing through syndicated loans

Sales model: Understand market requirement, develop products to cater, check and maintain quality, distribution all over India through a network of dealers, provide after sales service.

Importance of Partnering: No single company can provide all technical expertise. International industry partners help leverage best-in-class mobility and communications technology to address the toughest business challenges.

Product innovation by strengthening ties between divisions and manufacturing companies.

Brand promotion: No investment in traditional advertisement; Brand value is maintained through quality of products and services.

With an innovative and problem solving culture embedded into the organisation, we feel proud to be a customer focused firm. Our understanding of quality is not limited to the successful delivery of finished products. It extends to the fulfillment of our customer's current requirements and the anticipation of their future needs. In addition to our production and quality-management processes, we also see reliability and timely delivery as key components of our overall quality strategy at Alfa. Our focus on personalized customer service and support lead to speedy quotation processing and short delivery times. Efficient and effective processes make it possible for us to offer our customers not only quality products and a high level of personalized service, but also attractive pricing.